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What makes a Good Strata Manager?

Depending on who you ask, there will most likely be varying differing opinions on what constitutes a “good” strata manager. To answer this question, it would first be appropriate to address what your Strata Manager should be doing regardless, whether they are “good” or not.

Strata Manager could be defined as a person or nominee (often representing a Strata management Company) engaged by Owners of a Strata/ Community Corporation to facilitate the day-to-day requirements of the Corporation. Strata Managers have delegated the powers and functions that are required by law which are usually the responsibility of the office bearers, and/or the management committee.

Standard delegations to Strata Managers include (but are not limited to) receipt and the holding of money in trust, payment to the Corporation’s creditors, preparation of financial reports, budgets, minute keeping and distribution, and supplying of Corporation documents as required by the relevant Act.

Strata Managers should also be ensuring that the properties they manage are compliant with all relevant legislation that could have an impact upon the Strata Corporation and its members. Another service may include assistance in relation to insurance requirements in accordance with the types of cover required (by Act and/ or By-laws/ scheme description), and assistance in placing the cover on behalf of Members when instructed (it may also incorporate assistance with lodging and managing claims).

At a minimum, it would be expected that a Strata or Community Title Manager was assisting with these items above, when engaged by a Body Corporate and it’s members to provide professional strata services. What makes a Strata Manager “good”?

We would suggest that a good Strata Manager is someone who is attuned to each individual group’s needs and vision for its future. A good Strata Manager should be able to effectively communicate with their clients and other interested parties at a highly efficient level, and be able to assist the group with general mediation between Members and third parties.

Ideally your Strata Manager should be transparent at all times, with a sound knowledge of the relevant legislation and someone, the Owners can rely upon to act in the best interest of the Corporation.

It is advisable to seek out a Strata Manager who is a member of the Strata Community Association (SCA) as each member is bound by a strict Code of Conduct which can be found here. Checking to make sure your Manager is appropriately accredited is also recommended.

If you are seeking out a new Strata Manager, we would recommend that you speak directly with this Manager, not an assistant or business development manager, as these are not the people who will be dealing with your group on a day-to-day basis. By speaking with your intended Manager, this will help you assess that you are not only engaging the right company, but also the right person to assist and guide your group.

Strata Corporations can be difficult to understand and navigate at the best of times, so our recommendation is seeking out a manager with extensive experience, especially if the group has some tensions or difficulties.

If you are seeking an experienced manager. It will be hard to find too many Strata Managers South Australia with a longer strata industry involvement than Tony Johnson. Tony has 17 years of strata and community management experience under his belt and is regularly recognised state-wide and nationally for excellence in his field.

If you want to find out if Stratarama is the right fit for you, simply click on the link email our office or call one of the numbers below to speak to a friendly member of our team.


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