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Our Story

About our strata company

The Directors of STRATARAMA have a long-established background in Real Estate. During our time in the industry, we have encountered many Clients and associates reporting poor experiences with Strata Management. We also found many people are simply unprepared for their strata journeys and lack education and guidance in this area. Few Managers provide the communication, education and genuine service that we demand to ensure Client satisfaction so they become our positive spokespeople for our Business.

We are therefore very pleased in 2020 to acquire the services of Tony Johnson to help launch our new Strata Management company. Tony is excited to work together and support our clients through the ever-evolving strata and community titled environment. Tony has won numerous awards for his service to his Clients and the Strata industry and has a strong reputation not just from his Clients but from his peers as well.

The Australian National Strata Data Analysis report completed in 2018 found that 74% of all Strata schemes in SA contain 5 or fewer units. You can find the article here. This is surprising as groups of this size seem to be self-managed or at the greatest risk of being poorly managed corporations. We feel it is vital that all unit groups have the opportunity to be well managed, listened to and serviced. Growing communities that need management and the little communities are the ones that need the greatest attention. With upwards of 69,000 people residing in apartments in South Australia, it’s no wonder we are so passionate about looking after these Communities.

Our awards

The Annual SCA (Strata Community Association) Awards for Excellence on the 17th of November 2023.
This is the third time consecutively that Stratarama has received this award after taking home the Small Strata Management Business of the Year award at the 2021 and 2022 SCA SA & NT Awards for Excellence. Further, CEO & Body Corporate Manager; Tony Johnson was awarded SA’s Best SENIOR STRATA COMMUNITY MANAGER for 2023.

Tony Johnson has been at the forefront of best practice in the Strata and Community Title management for 2 decades. This was recognised as soon as the Industry began to acknowledge key Strata management people with awards in 2016. At this first Award evening, Tony was recognised as the Strata Manager of the year for South Australia. He followed this up with successive wins in this category in 2017 and 2018. Making him the only three-peat winner of this highly regarded award. These awards would not have been possible without the respect and willing referees who supported Tony’s nominations.

Tony was also fortunate and grateful to be a Finalist in the National awards in the category of Strata Manager of the year in both 2018 & 2019.

In 2017, Tony was awarded the “Professional Commitment to Ethics and Services” award as presented at the awards evening in South Australia. Again in 2018, he received an award for his Essay on education in the Strata Sector in South Australia.

Our industry commitment

Stratarama are proud to be members of the South Australian chapter of the SCA (Strata Community Association).  The SCA is the peak industry body for Body Corporate management in Australia and New Zealand. Stratarama believes in supporting the SCA code of conduct and is of the belief that the Strata Community property owners in SA are best served by having a strong body to oversee and support industry organisations. We believe that all SCA members should be in the pursuit of the delivery of best practice to all clients.

We believe in the SCA fulfilling the roles of professional institute and consumer advocate and believe that this advocacy is important to our clients and unit owners through SA.

Tony is often seen at Strata industry functions and seminars as held by the SCA and industry partners, keeping up to date on changes in legislation, requirements and ways to ensure compliance for Clients.

Staying up to date to better serve you.

SCA accreditation provides a way for SA unit owners to identify SCA Managers who submit to the code of conduct and continue professional development. Tony was SA’s first level 3 accredited Manager or PSCM (Practicing Strata and Community Manager). Maintaining this accreditation is a by-product of our ongoing commitment to the industry and support for ongoing training and development of all Managers in the industry.

As detailed on the SCA website:

The SCA Accreditation helps ensure SCA Managers that they:

  •  are aware of relevant and current legislation
  •  follow the specific requirements of legislation
  •  adhere to best practice
  •  adopt current procedures
  •  commit to clerical excellence and
  •  continually enhance their managerial and meeting chairmanship skills.

Our commitment further extends to Tony Johnson being a regular contributor to the National LookUp Strata newsletter and website. When South Australians reach out to the publication querying their rights, responsibilities and options, Tony is one of the Contributors called upon to assist and guide these Strata Owners, despite not being Clients of Stratarama. Tony is always happy to assist.

We support

All Directors and Staff at STRATARAMA have a commitment to acknowledge a social responsibility and take action to assist worthy causes.

Prior to commencement at STRATARAMA, Tony was determined to assist the local South Australian Charity “Backpacks4SAKids” and held a charity event as part of his Birthday function. This charity evening raised over $4,500 for Backpacks 4 SA Kids through individual contributions and auction of items donated by generous partners. STRATARAMA and Tony Johnson look forward to finding more ways to assist this vital charity organisation and urge everyone to visit the website below to see the important and remarkable works being carried out by these Volunteers. Through this link you will be able to make a small donation should you choose to help these people continue to service the ever growing number of dislocated Children.

View our gallery of us supporting our Adelaide community.

Our values

Our Company values are outlined below, in that:

We are honest and ethical in all our dealings
We strive for best practice in our systems, procedures and dealings
We provide regular and detailed communication with our Clients
We are solely focused on Strata and Community titled living
We strive to be reliable in all dealings, “what we say, is what we do”
We provide a value for money service, rather than undercutting the Competition

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