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Strata Management Adelaide

The Management of unit groups, Lots or Apartments have many different names across Australia. Here in South Australia, the main Property Titles requiring Body Corporate management are Strata Title and Community Title.

Our role at Stratarama is to ensure our Clients have the necessary resources available to enable them to make decisions regarding (and for governing) their Strata Title property in accordance with the relative legislation. These resources will assist the group Members and Committees to make informed decisions with guidance from their Strata Title Manager.

Our Strata Title Manager has spent 17 years servicing body corporate properties in SA including, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and mixed groups of units and apartments. He also boasts several years working within Property management. This experience and dedication allows us to provide high quality services with honesty and transparency.

What we offer our clients



We can take care of everything, arranging and coordinating independent Contractors to tend repairs and maintenance of common property. Arranging quotes, issuing work orders and in some circumstances, manage major works as requested by the Strata group. This could include arranging Engineers, Building advisors and other third parties.



Stratarama works with a variety of strata specific insurance companies to ensure that each and every Body Corporate is able to find the right policy for them. The Strata Manager can assist with the preparation, lodgement and handling of all insurance claims whenever they may arise. Our Strata Manager receives ongoing training and product support from all of these Insurers to ensure we are familiar with the products and policies which could impact your group.



Stratarama works to ensure we are up to date with any statutory legislation that may impact a Strata title complex. We handle all documentation for ease of management and can provide general advice when needed, or provide details of relevant parties who are able to guide the group with their specific matter. This includes providing Search requests on behalf of the Corporation and appropriate record keeping, asset register management and maintaining the register of Owners as per legislative requirements. Our online Owners portal is accessible 24/7 to Members and our communication and systems provide transparent and honest information and feedback.



Stratarama performs a wide range of financial management functions to ensure that all monies are handled carefully and with accountability. We prepare levies on behalf of the Owners Strata Corporation, monitor and manage arrears, pay invoices, maintain the Corporations individual accounts, prepare relevant and required Strata budgets, annual financial reports and maintain accessible records of all bank accounts including investments.



Strata management is all about communication, we take your phone calls and we respond to your emails and online requests and queries promptly to ensure the smooth running of your Corporation. We aim to keep you abreast of the most up to date information concerning your unit or group.

24/7 Emergency

24/7 Emergency

We understand that emergencies are not 9-5 and as such an after-hours number has been provided by one of our Maintenance partners which is accessible outside business hours to assist with and undertake any urgent attendance. This is a service for emergencies only.

Our meetings

Strata Corporations are required by law to undertake meetings and document appropriate minutes for each meeting. Stratarama will ensure these minutes are recorded, stored and circulated to each Member. 

We attend all Annual meetings of your Strata Corporation and can assist the group by chairing the meeting and recording the minutes. We will arrange Agendas, Meeting Notices, Financial reports and budgets for each group (including options for proxy voting) and disperse accordingly for Annual and Extraordinary general meetings. Our network of connections provide us with hosting abilities across a number of locations around South Australia or we can also attend the residence, site or arrange other locations for meetings. 

Stratarama are pleased to also offer Zoom meetings which allow for access by Owners by smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC and even landline so that the group have the best chance of achieving a quorum at their Strata meetings.

We have 17 years experience in the strata industry

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Our awards

Tony Johnson has been at the forefront of best practice in the Strata and Community Title management for over 17 years. This was recognised as soon as the Industry began to acknowledge key Strata management people with awards in 2016. At this first Award evening Tony was recognised as the Strata Manager of the year for South Australia. He followed this up with successive wins in this category in 2017 and 2018. Making him the only three peat winner of this highly regarded award. These awards would not have been possible without the respect and willing referees who supported Tony’s nominations.

Tony was also fortunate and grateful to be a Finalist in the National awards in the category of Strata Manager of the year in both 2018 & 2019.

In 2017, Tony was awarded the “Professional Commitment to Ethics and Services” award as presented at the awards evening in South Australia. Again in 2018, he received an award for his Essay on education in the Strata Sector in South Australia.

Strata Manager Award

Happy clients


Tony is always willing to provide high quality service and advice even when you are not a current client. Very knowledgeable in all area of strata title property. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

We were fortunate to find STRATARAMA recently and shifted the management of our strata group from other managers to STRATARAMA… The instant improvement has been noticeable! STRATARAMA made shifting companies seamless, and really guided our members through the process… We are looking forward to the continued hands on approach and communication driven service we are receiving… Highly recommend!

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