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Landlord & contents insurance Adelaide

Strata Insurance for Strata Unit Owners (Owner Occupiers and Landlords) does not include cover for personal property & liability within your own unit. It is therefore prudent for the Owners to individually take out insurance to cover these risks. Owner Occupiers require separate contents insurance and Landlords should obtain additional Landlords Protection insurance cover.

Contents Insurance covers the possessions with-in your home, protecting against circumstances such as malicious damage, flood, storm, fire, lightning, earthquake, and explosion. An amount of liability cover is incorporated in this policy. It is recommended that you consider and obtain quotations for any item of high value such as Jewellery.

The landlord protection cover is set up specifically to cover unit Owners who have leased their property. The cover is designed to protect property and contents similar to the contents cover but in addition covers Owners for loss of rent (should the Tenant default), legal costs, malicious damages, or theft caused by your Tenants.

Contact us to get quotes relevant to your specific property. Stratarama can assist you in obtaining quotes and covers for these additional individual insurance matters.

To get your own Landlord or Contents insurance quotes from CHU;  please follow the below Links.

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We were fortunate to find STRATARAMA recently and shifted the management of our strata group from other managers to STRATARAMA… The instant improvement has been noticeable! STRATARAMA made shifting companies seamless, and really guided our members through the process… We are looking forward to the continued hands on approach and communication driven service we are receiving… Highly recommend!

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