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How do I contact Strata management?

In some instances, a Strata or Community titled group of units may actually be self-managed (being run by the Corporation Members, without any employed Body Corporate Manager. In these instances, the Members are managing the property themselves, so all contact would need to be made to the Corporations Presiding Officer, Secretary or Committee. Where a Strata Corporation or Community Title Corporation has engaged a Manager it would be expected that an Owner would contact that Manager directly through one of the various Strata Management Companies based here in Adelaide, South Australia.

If you know who the Managers are, reach out to them on whatever platforms they have available to you. These communication platforms may include, telephone, attending their office, email or even an online portal provided by several strata management SA companies. In the event that you do not know who your Manager is, you could also speak with the Corporation Secretary or Corporation Presiding Officer to get these details. If you do not know who the current Owners/ Presiding Officer or Committee Members are, you could give it an old fashioned door knock of some of the units in your group (of course several of these units may be tenanted, but even then, their Owners or Property Managers will likely have some contact information for the Strata Management.

When you purchase into a Strata or Community Corporation, the Conveyancers handling your settlement should pass on your basic new Owner information to the current Managers (who prior to sale, were hopefully asked to provide search documents with a raft of information about your property so that you can make an informed decision about the purchase). This information will allow the Managers to reach out and welcome you to the complex, providing you with all their contact information. If you did receive a set of search documents at purchase, flick through the documents provided, amongst them should be some minutes of the last two meetings, which will note the current Managers.

If you are still unsure who your Management Company is, after exhausting these avenues, you may simply need to start contacting the local SA Strata management companies to see if this unit group is a part of their portfolio. Not all Strata management Companies are members of the SCA (Strata Community Association) however many are paid Members who conform to the SCA Member requirements of ongoing training, industry support and code of conduct. As such starting your search for your current Managers details and obtaining their contact information, would be best commenced by searching for through the South Australian members of the SCA and hopefully, this Strata management directory assists your search.

If you find that the group does not have a Manager and that the legal responsibilities of the Corporation are not being met, then you may wish to consider obtaining a quote from Stratarama for management services, where we can discuss what we can provide for the group and where we specialise. Even if the group elects to continue self-managed, you will have commenced processes to highlight the requirements and responsibilities of the Strata or Community Members of your Corporation. Tony Johnson of Stratarama is always pleased to assist you with any queries on your rights and actions needed, even if you are not managed by us.

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