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Strata/ Community Meetings


Attendance at your AGM (annual general meeting) or other meetings, is not mandatory. However, the benefits in having your voice heard or even just listening to what is being discussed for your group could be huge!

Whether you are an Owner occupier or leasing the property, this remains one of the largest financial investments you can make. Remember that as an Owner you have a right to be heard and have a vote – Make the most of it.

In many instances, these Annual meetings may be your only opportunity to discuss the business of the group with all the other Members present. The votes undertaken at these meetings could determine many things such as the level of funds you contribute each quarter, the priority of maintenance for the building (& quotes for same), special levies, insurance covers, your management and of course any possible aesthetic changes to the site.

As a Strata Manager, I completely understand that not everyone has the time to attend a meeting or may have other reasons for not attending (disagreements with other Members, desire to avoid confrontation, medical matters, personal issues, etc). It is fair to say that when you receive your Agenda, if a major issue is not listed for discussion, perhaps you’re just happy to go with the flow. This is completely fine.

If you can’t attend a meeting, your vote can still be counted by returning a proxy form and nominating someone to vote on your behalf. This is important because even if you have no input you wish to provide, a quorum still needs to be formed and your vote may be the difference between another Owner getting an approval for their pet, solar panels or other works – and having to have the meeting all over again.

If you are unsure of something, seek out your Manager for advice prior to the meeting. If you are part of a self managed group, please take the time to know what is going on and that you are meeting your obligations.

If you do have something you would like to request or talk about at the AGM, ask your Manager or Presiding Officer to ensure that this is placed on the Agenda for the meeting. This will ensure that you don’t miss your opportunity.

Some matters may seem trivial, but knowing the position of others will hold you in good stead. Not every decision will be big, but as I always say – knowledge and communication are key. Your group does have a legal requirement to have these meetings and ensure certain matters are reviewed, so no matter your position and whether you attend or supply a proxy – don’t miss your opportunity to be heard or for your vote to count.

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