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Why Communication Is Vital In Strata

Communication within a Strata or Community Corporation is vital to ensure that large decisions are made correctly and with all the required information. Communication is also vital to the day to day running of your Body Corporate.

Whether Strata or Community Corporation Committees are communicating with each other, their Manager or a third party, ensuring that the communication is relevant, clear and contains all the necessary information to ensure that it is effective.

Your Strata Manager must also communicate effectively, efficiently and regularly when there is a matter for the Strata Members to address. A good Strata Manager will provide the necessary skills to communicate the Strata body’s decisions to the insurers, the Tenants/ Agents, and any Contractors engaged in providing quotes or maintenance for the property. Presenting the right information in a clear, positive manner can be the difference between smooth and effective management and major errors being made, including Contractors or Residents feeling frustrated and/ or undertaking projects that are not in line with the Strata Corporations approvals.

Modern technology means that sometimes communication may not even involve two parties. For example, access to an online Owners Portal may mean that some Owners can find the information they need in their own time (provided that the right information is properly entered into the portal, with all the information required).

With more and more Owners and Residents accessible via email, Strata Corporation Members can be kept better informed promptly of matters affecting their Communities. It is able to reach more people quickly!

Of course, not everything has an immediate answer, and some matters require research. Sometimes just an acknowledgement that your query has been received and that your Manager will do some investigation can be the difference between stressing and patiently waiting for the information you need.

Your Community Manager can only contact you if you keep your contact information up to date.

If you want to receive your communication by email instead of snail mail, please advise the Manager. In recent years we have all seen mail delivered by post slow down considerably, with fewer Australia Post requirements to deliver as promptly as they once did.

Email is not going to be the right solution for everyone, but if you check your email regularly, remember that this is your Community if you have it delivered to your phone. If you want to get the latest information about what is happening, (when it happens) you may want to consider checking with your Manager if you have email recorded as your preferred correspondence delivery method. You may also want to check that the best, current and most regularly checked email is the one held on file in your Strata Managers office.

Remember your manager doesn’t work 24/7; however, they should provide you with a contact for maintenance emergencies in an emergency. If it is not an emergency, leave an email – just remember to give your Manager time to receive and read it during business hours.

Communication is a two-way street, and your Manager can best provide you with clear, important information when equipped with the best way to reach you. Whether the matter at hand is a complaint about a neighbour, a matter for the next meeting agenda, or a maintenance issue, clear communication from all parties will be the most effective way to assist and work with one another. This provides clarity for all parties involved.

If Stratarama is your Managing Strata Agent, why not contact us at to provide us with your current and best contact information and confirm your preferred method of correspondence delivery.

If Stratarama does not currently manage you and feel that your existing Manager isn’t providing the clear and effective communication, your Strata Corporation in South Australia requires, why not reach out to us today to discuss how we may be able to assist you in the future.

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