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Termites – reducing risk & the signs

No property is guaranteed to not experience some sort of termite activity, so whether you own a house or are a Member of a Strata or Community Corporation, knowing some of the signs for termites and also some of the ways you can reduce the risks is very important.

Many Body Corporates will be on some sort of a termite inspection program, some using a system such Sentricon bating stations, others with a simple annual visual termite inspection.

As a Strata Manager, we will often have dealings with many White Ant inspection/ treatment companies, due to properties already having certain systems in place with a particular Contractor.

Remember that Termites will always invade from an outside source. Once located internally, prompt response is required to minimise damage. Being able to jump onto this issue as quickly as possible is vital. It is unlikely that there will be any relief provided under insurance for damages caused by termites.

If you are concerned about termites and Seeking advice on whether your individual property has had termite inspections or treatments and/ or whether something should/ could be instigated, contact your Manager for any details they may have regarding your unit complex and your particular Lot.

Reducing the Risks

  • Regularly check and maintain taps, hose lines and hot water services to ensure there are no leaks. Check both inside and outside the unit and around the common property
  • Routinely check gutters, downpipes and drains to ensure that they are clean and flowing properly away from the unit building
  • Make sure that all water from air conditioner units are correctly plumbed and that down pipes redirect water away from the unit
  • Don’t place woodchips/mulch in close proximity to the building or against walls.
  • Don’t place timber directly into the soil close to the buildings
  • Arrange regular termite inspection programs.
  • Know the signs for termite activity and watch for them (including training your Property Managers and Tenants on what to look for)

The Signs

  • Mud tubes: Mud tubes may look like a tail of mud or dirt. These trails indicate that the termites are present and active. Contact your Manager or Body Corporate contact immediately to seek assistance. It is likely that this activity is significant and prompt action is required to engage your current pest Controller or a new Inspector. Your Manager should have record of any ongoing inspection program or advise who can inspect.
  • Timber damage: Naturally the termites are hunting and eating timber. If you see damage similar to woodrot, cracks, blistering paint and dips in your timber floors, doors, window frames or walls you should undertake investigations. Remember to check other timber structures too such as pergolas or pale fencing.
  • Localised Power failures: Just as you might experience an issue with a rodent nibbling away at a power cable in your wall or ceiling, so too could termites be creating a localised power problem. Check for the signs above in the vicinity of any short circuit or disruption.

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 This article and the information provided represents general advice and does not take into account any specific financial situations, objectives or needs of an individual or Body Corporate/ Strata Corporation. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should read the relevant product disclosure statement, policy wording and/or consult your Insurer.

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