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Strata Community Association 2021: Australiasia Conference & Awards

Commencing with a National forum for Strata Principals which discussed current and changing aspects of Stata and Community insurance around Australia. Below is just a brief recap of some of the important and informative sessions held, however, this does not cover off all the sessions nor on the networking with suppliers, legal eagles, and software providers.


Macquarie Bank – Platform for Change

Tim MacKenzie from Macquarie Bank presented his insights into the increasing costs of staffing operational needs and services in Strata management and the impacts this makes on all Strata businesses. Tim also looked into the ways in which a Strata business can continue to grow while maintaining the important culture of the Strata team.

NSW Professional Standards

As NSW looks at a scheme for the professional standards of its Strata Managers and employees, insights from the SCA NSW President and Vice President offered us valuable confirmation of the standards which should be expected industry wide right throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Hybrid Teams and Flexible Working

Kimberley Jonsson, CEO of one of the main Strata and Body Corporate Insurers in Australia, presented her findings on the immediate adaptation to working through Covid, and how many of those changes are now with us to stay. CHU like all companies during covid adapted promptly to working from home arrangements and better flexibility for their Team. How well this worked, how it can be improved and why we must all now embrace change, flexibility and doing things differently.

Technology, A.I and Australia

Throughout the conference this year there was certainly a feel around embracing technology, how these technological developments are here and now and ready to provide options and assistance to our Clients and also our Teams. Speakers included Dr Catriona Wallace, Dr Sanjay Mazumdar and Catherine Caruana-McManus.  Experts in their fields of A.I development, Big Data, ethical use of A.I and of course Smart Cities, the Internet of Things and other digital technologies.

Jason Carlson of Grace Lawyers

Jason Carlson explored the use of email from the eyes of a Strata and Body Corporate Lawyer, its place in modern society and how it has forever changed the landscape of communication. In addition Jason spoke to communication in general and ways in which to address Strata issues before they become legal matters.


Evolving the Strata Insurance Story

Alistair Gibney offered the delegation his insights into the future of the Strata insurance industry, including what the future may hold for insurance products, product benefits, regulatory requirements and of course costs. To glimpse the future, Alistair took us back in time to the beginning of insurance, and onto the introduction of Strata insurance, and how this niche insurance product/s has changed and evolved over the decades. Exploring some of the catalysts for change along the way such as; defects, cladding, natural disasters, shortages and regulatory reviews.

Australia Apartment Advocacy

Samantha Reece, Director of the Australian Apartment Advocacy group provided some feedback from their recent Apartment survey and explained where the group look to really focus their Advocacy in the short term to address the concerns of Apartment Owners and Residents right around the Country and at home in her State of WA. Sharing insights in how Owners and Residents dealt with the impact of Covid-19 but also more broadly in day to day living.

Rock the Pool 2021

Bobby Lehane is well known to the Strata industry in Australian through his previous role in the Strata insurance sector. As always, Bobby delivered an entertaining presentation on his recent journey to complete 100 swims in 100 days covering 250 kilometres in every Rock pool in NSW raising money along the way for LifeLine. Following the Confernece (and all other prior generous donations), Bobby raised over $100,000 for Lifeline!

Its still not too late to donate also:

Lifeline provides an important role in the Community and have experienced a 25% plus, increase in call volume and counselling demand. If you are concerned that someone is struggling or might be thinking about suicide and you aren’t sure how to talk to them, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

SCA Australasia Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

After winning the Strata Community Association 2021 Essay award at the 2020 awards ceremony at the Adelaide Zoo, it was an honour for our Principal; Tony Johnson to further be nominated in the same category at the National awards ceremony held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the 23rd of June 2021. A competitive field of worthy Essays from right across Australia were fantastic Finalists in the category. Whilst our own Tony Johnson did not claim victory in 2021, he was very grateful to be a finalist in the category, having written and submitted a piece on the effects that COVID-19 has had on all Strata Corporation Managers, Companies, Buildings and of course Residents over the last 12 months. We congratulate the winner from Victoria and all the Finalists and Winners in their respective categories in 2021.

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It’s your Community.

This article and the information provided represents general advice and does not take into account any specific financial situations, objectives or needs of an individual or Body Corporate/ Strata Corporation. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should read the relevant product disclosure statement, policy wording and/or consult your Insurer.

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