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Fire Season

We all are well aware that South Australia is one of the driest States in the country. As we draw close to Summer and the Christmas Holidays – we all have our diaries full of appointments or planned holidays (thank you to the opening of Borders). However, before we move into Holiday mode, now is an opportune time to take a step back and consider our safety.

We are now entering the ‘Fire Hazard’ season.

We would like to remind resident, especially those living around the Adelaide hills, to prepare their house and land for the upcoming Fire Danger season. We have suggested a few maintenance tips below.

Gutter Cleaning: Ensure all gutters at your complex are cleaned and free of any debris

Grounds Maintenance: Ensure grass, pest plants and undergrowth are kept to a maximum of 10cm high around buildings. Dispose any dry grass or green waste in the appropriate council bins. Water the grounds regularly as per the council instruction to help prevent dry and dead grasses from creating fire hazards.

Irrigation system: Check any irrigation system and sprinklers to ensure they are functioning. Keeping grasses green will help reduce the risk of fire.

Alarms and Exit lights: Self check or confirm with your service providers when was the last time fire/smoke alarms and exit lights were checked and/or replaced. Noting that in South Australia, it is the property owner’s responsibility to have the appropriate number of working smoke alarms installed.

BBQ’S: Please do not use open flame BBQ’S on fire ban days (please refer to the definition on the CFS website). When using coals on hot or windy days, keep the hose or bucket handy.

Fire Extinguishers: If you have an Extinguisher, make sure it is in date. Also consider purchasing a fire blanket.

Bushfire Plan: Consider creating your own 5-minute bushfire plan as per CFS recommendations

On a hot summer day, please check on other residents at your complex, especially any elderly neighbours who may be in need of assistance. Also, VERY IMPORTANT please do not leave kids or pets in cars unattended and please leave water outside of your home for our animals 😊

Lastly, If you have any questions regarding bushfires in your area or require further assistance on safety plan please click on link (CFS website) or call the Information Hotline 1300 362 361. You can also visit State Emergency Service website or call 132 500.

If you recognise any potential risk that you feel needs to be addressed by your Body Corporate, please notify our office with immediate effect. If your Unit is leased, please share this vital information to increase their awareness on the Fire Hazard season.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact Stratarama on 08 8276 0426 or email: . If you are unsure of anything with respect to maintenance of your group, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Written by Lionel Colaco


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