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INSURANCE CAN BE COMPLEX: The Value of a Strata Manager

Insurance can be complex: The Value of a Strata Manager

Please find below a Link to an informative document on the value of your Strata and Community Title Manager being able to assist your Body Corporate with your Insurance needs. The Strata Manager is here to help on Insurance matters; such as claims processing, paying Contractor invoices on claims, arranging insurance valuations and providing reports to unit Owners, insurance record keeping, and general insurance needs such as quotes, purchases, placements and renewals.

The Value of a Strata Manager FINAL JULY 2022

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This article and the information provided represents general advice and does not take into account any specific financial situations, objectives, or needs of an individual or Body Corporate/ Strata Corporation. Before you make any decision about whether to acquire a certain product, you should read the relevant product disclosure statement, policy wording and/or consult your Insurer

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