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Changes to your AGM & EGM meetings with STRATARAMA due to COVID-19

Whilst there are imposed restrictions on face to face gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to restructure the way we undertake meetings with our Clients for the foreseeable future. The long term positive from these necessary adjustments, are that Stratarama will be well positioned at the end of this pandemic to offer our Clients more options for their Strata and Community Titled meetings.

The whole strata management industry has needed to evaluate our individual methods for providing Clients with the best ways to have meetings at this time. Different approaches have been taken by SCA (Strata Community Association) Members here in SA depending on what they feel is best for their clients. Stratarama have commenced working on a platform which we feel offers the most flexibility for our Clients now and into the future.

The industry has urged Strata Members to consider what meetings can be postponed in the short term, however there are some meetings which cannot be delayed. Strata & Community Corporations have a legal obligation to hold Annual meetings with-in 15 months of the previous meeting as well as to make important short-term decisions, adjust and approve budgets, make financial decisions and set required insurance levels. As such, Stratarama would like to advise that all Annual general meetings will proceed as planned unless Strata Members have requested a delay which still falls with-in the legislated period.

STRATARAMA has commenced using ZOOM for meetings. 

What does this mean for you?

Zoom meetings arranged by Stratarama on behalf of the Corporation facilitate those that wish to:


1. Dial in by a landline or mobile phone for your meeting. This is a standard phone call to a set toll free number provided to Members of the Strata/ Community before the meeting date. You will also be provided with a password/pin number to enter your meeting.

2. Access your meeting by video/internet link. Prior to the meeting, we will provide all Members the details for accessing the meeting via Zoom. This video link will be available from any desktop PC/laptop/mobile phone or tablet – any internet connected device. This enables you to view face to face those other Owners and your Body Corporate Manager during the meeting. 

Your meeting is enabled for both of the above options. This means that at any meeting there may be a combination of Members attending via video link and telephone link (audio only members). We believe that this facilitates the most possible attendance at your meetings and options for those wishing to attend.

Members will receive all the necessary links, codes and details for joining their specific meeting, prior to the date. However if you wish to familiarise yourself in general with the ZOOM platform, please visit to give you a bit of an overview.


Proxy Voting as normal.

As with all previous meetings, Members of your group may choose not to attend the meeting in person. Please note phone and video link ups to meetings are classed as in person. If Members choose not to attend in person, we ask that they fill out a proxy form for the meeting. Proxy forms remain an important way for those who cannot attend, to have their voices heard on the matters of the Corporation which are on the agenda and contributes to the legally required quorum for the meeting to proceed. Your proxy form will continue to be distributed with your meeting pack of information, either by post or electronically, depending on your preference. There is no change to the way a proxy form works, Members may appoint the representative of Stratarama, another unit Owner, family member or friend to represent them. It is important members provide their proxy with the information they need to vote in accordance with your wishes, and that the proxy is available to attend at the time of the meeting. 

These measures to implement Zoom meetings will enable our groups to comply with their legal obligations whilst ensuring our members remain safe at home and without risk of exposure. We take your and our health very seriously and thank you for your understanding in these times.  We endeavour to provide the best options and services for all our clients now and into the future. 

Stay Safe. 

It’s your Community


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