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Communication remains key – Body Corporate communication

Whether winning business, or keeping business – There is always one KEY component to being successful: Communication.

Communication skills, or lack of, will affect almost everything we do. Every aspect of communication with-in Strata/ Body Corporate Management is important. It may be :– Keeping an Owner advised of progress, checking on the status of items outstanding (proactively), or it may be as simple as paying attention and listening to concerns being raised.

Honesty & Transparency are vitally important in being able to connect with your Clients and keep a valuable rapport’. Properly and openly convey this, and build the Trust which will see you form a lasting relationship between Client and Strata Manager.

It’s not all about phone calls and Face to Face time (though both are essential). It can be as simple as sending a quick email with an update, checking in on progress or even helping Clients to know where/ how to help themselves to the information they need.

For Clients, any contact that they initiate with their Managers, in some way, regards their Investment, Asset or Home. It is very important to them, and a Body Corporate Manager must be able to recognise and respect this.

There isn’t always a quick (or easy) answer to every query raised. Not every problem has the desired solution but by listening, informing, then staying connected, a positive relationship can be formed.

Communication, isn’t a one way street. A Manager and/ or Committee can only be effective when they are well informed and provided with current knowledge on any issues, maintenance, or concerns arising from the site. A genuine interest and contact from those who know, see the site, or live on-site goes a long way.

Your Manager is here to help, and should provide you with the respect that you and your query deserved – but remember, just as communication is a two way street – so is respect.

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